ray.pngMy wife and I were planning on spending our summer holidays in Turkey. To meet and stay with her family. Naturally, I was thinking if there was a fishing opportunity in the area, so I went into Google Maps and looked to see if there was a nearby lake. I was seriously delighted to have found this lake, just a 10min drive by car.

It was a scorching day with temp. of 40+°c. Extremely uncomfortable weather to fish, but I stuck it out as I really wanted to throw in a line. It was about 4pm that day, when I hooked a tiny baby Pike using a 3D hard plastic spinning lure. There was awe and excitement all around, as some of the anglers who were fishing on this side of the lake, simply got their tackle stuck on some bottom reeds or rocks. I also lost a €15 euro spinnerbait here, so that was the end of buying really expensive spinnerbaits.

One other noticeable thing at this lake was the loud sound of croaking frogs, a serious food bank for Pike.

After the Military coup took place on the 15. July 2016, we decided to stay put and thought that the chances of trying to leaving Turkey on the 17. July 2016 would be more difficult as our return flight was not until 26. July 2016. Hoping that things would settle even more down, we decided to stay and continue our vacation in Turkey. Our next stop was Istanbul, one of the places in which the military coup took place and many people had died. It was quite surreal to drive over the Bosphorus bridge having known that people risked their lives and had died defending their President, their Country.

On the night of the Military coup, I actually cancelled our hotel reservation in Istanbul, due to the civil unrest and situation in Turkey. I was scared, shocked and I wanted to go home. Hours later, I was following the BBC news feed online to read and understand what was going on. It was not until the early hours of Saturday morning that the situation started to normalise and things were getting back to normal but still with a sense of concern and worry. The airports were reopening, the people flocking to the streets protesting the coup and those responsible getting justice.

Istanbul was probably the safest place in Turkey to be, as there was military and armed police on every corner of the city. Bus loads of armed police, patrolled the city. Although it was daunting, we still managed to have a somewhat enjoyable stay in Istanbul, with free boat rides between Uskudar and Sirkici.



Tiny Pike caught in Bilecik on a Minnow lure.


Minnow Lures
60mm / 6g


Let's go Fishing...!


Fishing in Istanbul - Getting Ready


Marmara Mosque in Uskudar, Istanbul


Safely Landed in Istanbul (SAW)


Fishing in Istanbul


Massive Iznik Lake in Iznik


Chocolate Eclairs with Turkish Tea.


Fishing from the Galata Bridge in Istanbul