ray.pngDJI-ALI is my second DJI Drone. The idea behind getting this drone was to do more delicate closer video and photo footage from lake boats, capturing catches from different perspectives.

The battery running time on the DJI Spark is about 50% less than that of the Phantom 4, so buying more batteries was a must. I currently have 3 batteries, so when planning a day out, I have 3 chances to get it right in a 16 minute time window, whereas the Phantom, I have roughly 25-30 minutes. I did not want to take the Phantom out on my lake boat because of the awkwardness and size, so the DJI Spark is just perfect for those quick and spontaneous moments using its hand gesture modes.

The coolest thing about this Drone is that you can use hand gestures to control it. Yes, without a remote. Simply follow the instructions from the App and you can take this drone anywhere and have it fly without having to use a controller. It scans your face and move on command using certain hand and arm movements! how cool is that?