Buraq means 'lightening' in Arabic. 

ray.pngDJI-BURAQ was my first DJI Drone for recreational purposes only, especially when we go fishing and want an aerial view of the area we plan to fish. Using the DJI Go and Litchi Apple iPad App, I am able to capture amazing 4K aerial video and 12MP aerial still footage from surrounding landscapes, lakes and areas of interest.

The DJI series drones are probably one of the best UAV aircrafts on the market. DJI also brought out the DJI Mavic and recently the DJI Phantom 4 Pro Drone. For beginner or pro alike, these drones are relatively easy to fly however taking some basic training on how to fly these UAVs is highly recommended.

I purchased 2 additonal batteries with my DJI Phantom 4, as with all the excitement with having a drone, 30 minutes can feel like 5 minutes when you are having fun. Being able to load another battery quickly and continue the fun twice more is to me a very valuable consideration.

A person wanting to endeavour on buying one of these drones needs to understand the local laws of flying UAVs and the consequences of reckless flying. Therefore it is highly recommended not to fly such drones in residential areas or places in which cause a hazard or injury to persons.


On my first flight, everything went quite smoothly. I was surely feeling cautious but the wide open spaces of Strokestown, let me feel confident that this would be a perfect first flight location. Everything powered on and ready for take off. I was viewing the drone video feed on an Apple iPad mini and using the DJI Go App. I did have the Litchi app installed but since it was the first flight, I wanted to use all the default software to make sure that everything was OK with the Drone and the iPad. I was not disappointed.

I was pumped up with 3 loaded DJI batteries, iPad charged and loaded with a 32GB SDCard. It was overcast but dry and little to no wind.


It was a beautiful day on my second day of flying and the idea was to fly to another lake in the area, which was approx 900m away. A lake that we fished mostly and caught the most fish on. The other idea was to capture my brothers who were fishing from the boat on the lake. Upon, locating them I suddenly lost video feed connection at 900m away on the Apple iPad mini, yet the drone continued to record and fly. I had selected 'Return To Home' as I could not see where I was flying as the iPad indicated a signal loss and it was flying blind. Not only did I feel uncomfortable, but concerned about loosing the drone. Thankfully the drone returned back to me due to the GPS "RTH" signal command but as soon it got closer to me the video feed emerged and I was able to take control again. A bit nerve wrecking. I believe it had to do with the iPads ability, not the drone.


On the same day as my second flight and since it was such a beautiful day in a place that mostly rains during the year to the point of serious flooding, I took the opportunity to redo my flight to the Cloonsreane and Flasky lakes. There was hardly any wind, sun was shining bright but there was a bit of a chill during the last days of October 2016.

Looking back at these videos, it captures some of the essence of being in Ireland and enjoying the feeling of going fishing. Breathtaking and truly memorable moments at 4K video resolution makes it feel like you are there. Showing my family and friends in Austria what it is like to visit Ireland gives them an idea of the beauty of such a place.